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What to expect with this report?

  • 1
    Instant view of all MAP policy violations and compliance for your Brand's product listings.
  • 2
    Marketplaces included: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Newegg, Rakuten and many more.
  • 3
    Detailed Amazon inventory valuations for each active seller listing your brand's products online.
  • 4
    Span the internet with a detailed look into Third Party websites offers. 

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A look inside your free report dashboard

Internet-Wide Product Listings

Get an In-depth look at who is selling your product online.

Compare Product listings from Amazon Vendor Central, First Party and Third Party Sellers. See which of these sellers are currently compliant and who is currently violating your MAP policy.

Amazon Seller Information

Track individual Amazon Seller details and inventory levels.

From Seller IDs, Inventory valuation, ASIN counts and MAP compliance, here you will see all the data you need get a form an accurate starting point on where your Brand is currently and where there is room for improvement.

Internet-Wide Sellers

Information on who is selling your product online and where.

Your products aren't just listed on major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Walmart, but they can also be found on various 3rd party websites. This report will detail where your products are being listed and it they are obeying MAP.