Amazon MAP Monitoring Software & Reporting Dashboard

Amazon MAP Monitoring Dashboard
24/7 MAP Monitoring

24/7 MAP Monitoring

Constant price intelligence MAP monitoring on 200+ marketplaces with constant daily updates. Our tools keep you up to date on your brand's listings.

MAP Enforcement Violation Alerts

MAP Enforcement Violation Alerts

Knowing which listings are violating your pricing policy is the first step in keeping them in compliance.

Real People Real Results

Real People Real Results

Real people monitor pricing and your listings. Because a hands-on approach guarantees increased involvement.

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Insightful & Actionable KPIs

See exactly how much you’ve improved your marketplace with custom KPIs and advanced reportings that eliminate all headaches and guesswork.

Amazon Inventory Removed Dashboard


Exact Seller Inventory Totals

Get peace of mind through a crystal-clear picture of your marketplace with daily inventory totals on both authorized and unauthorized sellers.

Amazon MAP Monitoring Software


Screenshots & Advertised Prices Cascade Tracking

Never get caught off-guard again with daily emails notifying you of all authorized channel violations, complete with timestamps and screenshots.

Price Cascading Software

What Will I Get During My MAP Enforcement Free Consultation?

During your free call, you will speak with one of our Amazon MAP enforcement and brand protection agency experts. The MAP pricing specialists who will ask questions and listen to your concerns about your ecommerce retailers. From this information we will recommend a plan of action and schedule a free demo of our powerful MAP compliance software application.

Why Brand Alignment Is The Best Reliable Brand Management In The Industry For MAP Management.

If you are new to shopping for a brand protection provider, it might be confusing to tell the difference between companies. It might sound like everybody offers the same type of monitoring. This could not be further from the truth and not every company is going to offer you brand reputation.

The Competition

  • Crawls marketplaces for pricing only 1-4x a day
  • Markets monitored for price cascading are crawled every 3 hours or up to 8x a day
  • Overloads you with unnecessary data
  • Outdated and clunky dashboard interfaces

Brand Alignment

  • Crawls marketplaces for pricing changes every 1-3 hours or 8x-24x a day   
  • Markets monitored for price cascading are crawled every hour or 24x a day
  • Provides the exact KPIs you need to make the right decisions
  • Very attractive dashboard that’s a complete breeze to navigate and use


One of the most important things you can look for in a monitoring software when selling on Amazon or any other reseller network, is frequency of crawling data. Due to the fast-changing nature of online marketplaces, the less often a marketplace is crawled, the slower you will know what is actually happening in real-time. Price monitoring cascading in particular requires hourly crawls in order to catch the authorized channels who violated MAP first. The less frequent the crawling, the more information that is missed. Which is why you need to protect your brand value and enforce your MAP. We have plenty more resources to learn more.

How To Use Our Easy-to-use Monitoring and Enforcement Process:

Step 1:

First, we onboard all of your brand’s products into our database. During this process we match each ASIN or UPC with the correct marketplace URL and MAP price. This process can take 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of work involved for your brand management.

Step 2:

Next, we begin monitoring your listings 24/7/365 for preliminary data. This is the data we will use to get the first glance at your marketplace and product listing.

Step 3:

Thirdly, we identify and document any and all pricing policy violators. This will include all authorized and unauthorized sellers present on your product's listings

Step 4:

Finally, we provide access to a dashboard with all your brand's violation data. This dashboard is available 24/7, updates multiple times a day, and comes with unlimited users. 

How Price Cascading Damages Your Brand

Price Cascading Software

It Starts With An Authorized Channel Pricing Policy Violation

Amazon Vendor Central and Target both dropped below MAP on your product. When confronted, both marketplaces blames the other. Who was the first mover that started the price cascade? 

  • Multiple Marketplaces Suddenly Violate MAP by Price Matching
  • Each of the parties blames the other for violating first
  • Your brand is hit with vendor chargebacks and brand integrity loss
Price Cascading Software

Brand Alignment Stops Price Cascading In Its Tracks With Price Monitoring

With vigilant hourly monitoring, Brand Alignment catches the culprit with a timestamped screenshot. Armed with this information, the brand confidently approaches the violator and disputes the chargebacks. In some cases, brands choose to discontinue relationships with consistent violators. 

  • Hourly monitoring catches first movers
  • Screenshots and timestamps provide evidence
  • Authorized channels are held responsible

More Features

Daily MAP Monitoring & UPP Email Alerts

Don’t have the time to check your dashboard every day for tracking MAP violations (Also see our guide on what is Map software)? No problem.  Get Minimum Advertised Prices, Unilateral Pricing Policy, and Price Cascading alerts sent right to your inbox weekly, daily, hourly, or even real-time. You’ll never be out of the loop with what’s going on in your marketplace.

Historic Screenshots

Need to put an end to disputes and violations immediately? We arm you with detailed screenshots (complete with timestamps) of all authorized channels who violate MAP Policies or UPP policies. Easily find them in your dashboard and quickly get the evidence you need to freeze violators in their tracks.

Over 200+ Online Marketplaces

Amazon is our specialty - but that’s far from everything we cover. Our vigilant and internet-wide monitoring covers UPCs across hundreds of marketplaces for MAP and UPP pricing violations. Plus, breakdowns by marketplace or product single out the source of violations so that no violator escapes your spotlight.

What Are Your Enforcement Rates on Other Marketplaces Besides MAP pricing on Amazon?

We do not offer removal guarantees for other marketplaces, however it is not uncommon to see removal rates on Walmart or eBay in the range of 50%-90%

My Grey Market Problem Extends Outside the USA. What Can You Offer?

We LOVE investigating international grey market trade. Contact us about the countries you would like to monitor and enforce, and we will be glad to help.

What is the Difference Between MSRP and MAP

An easy way to think about the distinction between MSRP and MAP is that MSRP is an unofficial higher restriction for your pricing, whilst your MAP is an official lower limit. A MAP is intended at the retailer, whereas MSRP is aimed at the consumer. 

What is MAP Enforcement?

Map monitoring and enforcement is the process of handling all interactions with retailers and dealing with policy violators as they occur for brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

What Does MAP Mean in Retail?

MAP means minimum advertised pricing. The rise of ecommerce has heightened the already fierce competition in the consumer goods sector. Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policies can help with this. 

How Long Does It Take to Get Started?

Our onboarding period takes between 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of custom work required.

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