About us

Brand Alignment has taken Brand Protection to new heights by leveraging automation technology and expert knowledge to protect and accelerate eCommerce sales for its clients.

Using Brand Alignment's proprietary technology and modern development techniques, brands now have the ability to optimize online sales channels and protect against brand violations of any kind. Using this proprietary software, our clients see immediate benefits such as increased sales and less diverted revenue, as well as long-term benefits of increased brand integrity and longevity.

Brand Alignment first set out to develop an Amazon MAP monitoring platform but along the way discovered a need for a much higher level service that wasn't yet being offered. Combining our backgrounds in data, eCommerce and technology; our sights were set at building a custom software solution that was focused on eCommerce control by automating seller identification and seller enforcement that our clients were looking for.

The main premise was that major brands are looking for similar control and predictability in the way their products are sold online compared to how they were sold in stores. Previously, the only way to achieve this control was by working with a law firm who would handle litigation, however it's our philosophy that legal enforcement of sales policy should only be left for severe violators and repeat offenders. Instead of litigation, we offer a tech-driven proprietary system of tracking sellers, notifying and enforcing brand policy as a base service which paves the way to our other more advanced software and techniques.

Map Monitoring icon

MAP Monitoring & Analytics

Our industry leading data gathering software is displayed in a user-friendly and analytical fashion that allows for a quick and easy overview of all online product sales

MAP Enforcement

MAP Enforcement

Combined with our MAP Monitoring service, we have the ability to enforce your MAP policy automatically around the web taking a burden off your sales team

Seller investigation - Brand Alignment

Seller & Data Services

Solutions geared towards solving and identifying unknown rogue sellers, international product diversion and uncovering modern-day complex schemes affecting your brand.

Meet Our Team

Emmanuel Frost

Has wide-ranging experience navigating brands through the difficult challenges faced when dealing with Grey Market and Unauthorized Sellers. Along with being a self-driven, innovative thought leader; Emmanuel also has an extensive background in data analytics, private investigation and eCommerce giving him the perfect mix of unique talents that adds an immense value to his clients.

Kyle Balcerak

A decisive leader who brings his tenacious attitude along with a background in managed services and multi-channel and wholesale sales experience. Kyle has a proven track record of effective communication and collaboration between front-end sales and back-end development that allows Brand Alignment to help its clients both realize and capture their goals.

Madeline Meyers

Madeline is a Senior Operations Specialist who specializes in investigation and analysis. She has experience working and studying in Spain for several years in the retail sector.

Mahisa Mannan

Mahisa has a background in business and data management that she consistently utilizes in her role as Senior Operations Associate. She is a fast and efficient worker who effectively communicates with clients in order to bring them the support they need. She is always willing to learn and help as often as she can.

Ramisa Seraj

Ramisa, with a background in Business Administration and HR Management, currently serves as an Operations Assistant at Brand Alignment. Her proactive approach and open-mindedness make her a valuable asset to the team, embodying a collaborative spirit in her role.

Damian Loyola

Damian Loyola is a frontend web developer, specializing in the latest technologies such as Next.js, React, Tailwind, and TypeScript. His commitment is to deliver innovative digital solutions, ensuring both visually appealing and functional interfaces. His expertise in agile methodologies not only guarantees the efficient execution of projects but also promotes effective teamwork.

Jenny Torres

Jenny is an experienced general assistant and has been with Brand Alignment for 2 years now. She has graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major. She is very positive person and always happy to help!

Daniel Ruiz

Daniel is a tech enthusiast with many years of experience who thrives on challenges, collaborates to build scalable systems, and holds a profound grasp of software development, spanning backend, frontend, infrastructure, and databases. He's continually enhancing his skills, ensuring team and project success by doing professional software development and implementation.

Our commitment

Our Commitment

The services we offer can reap huge benefits for our clients and must be handled accordingly. Understanding this, we ensure full visibility of all actions while we monitor, protect, and help grow each brand online with a customized strategy. We believe collaboration and communication are key ingredients to the success of any project, and that is why Brand Alignment strives to cultivate open lines of communication and maintains a strong commitment to collaboration. Beyond that, we will always deliver services with a perseverant and persistent attitude in order to maintain these principles in the pursuit of our client's satisfaction and results.