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Why Amazon Brand Protection Services?

At Brand Alignment we protect your brand, allowing your online sales to continue to rise. Because of this, protection for your brand becomes even more important. There are many threats to your brand. Some large and others small. When selling products on Amazon it is important to safeguard your brand. We create custom solutions for you, because each brand is different and each brand has their own unique needs. Reach out to Brand Alignment today, and let us customize an Amazon Brand Protection plan just for your brand.

MAP Monitoring & Reporting Dashboard

Access to detailed violation data in an easy to navigate monitoring and reporting dashboard.

MAP Enforcement

24/7 monitoring and enforcement of your brand's pricing policies. When a violation occurs we take immediate action and begin the process of removing the violators.

Unauthorized Seller Enforcement

Eliminate the unauthorized and counterfeit sellers damaging your brand's reputation. Allow us to restore your brand's image and protect your online integrity.

Full Suite Investigative Services

In-depth seller investigation and identification. Combined with grey market distribution research and legal options to ensure complete brand protection.