What Is MAP Monitoring Software? Everything You Need To Know

The future of the retail store is online, following the advancement of technology and penetration of the internet into almost every sector of our lives. Shoppers today have the chance to order, pay, and get their goods and products through online stores. To survive in such an evolving market, manufacturers must evolve as well.

When it comes to online stores, price is a factor that most consumers prioritize. This is due to the ease of information available to them with the click of a button. That said, you must be questioning if your retailers are properly pricing your products according to the MAP pricing policy. All your questions are answered in this article.

The team from Brand Alignment, a premier Map monitoring, analytics, and enforcement, offers the following information. Complimented with industry best practices and modern technology, we are the best solution for all your MAP needs.

The Value Of MAP Pricing

Your MAP (minimum advertised price) policy determines the lowest price that a retailer or reseller can advertise a product or good to the public. Retailers can choose to sell a product below the MAP price. When used correctly, it is advantageous to both the manufacturers and the retailers.

The importance of MAP policies comes in with the growth and emergence of third-party marketplaces. Not all these retailers are authorized to sell products on your behalf. These unknown parties can decide to advertise and charge whatever prices since they are not part of your official distribution chain.

MAP Pricing, therefore, seeks to right the wrongs and ills of these malicious parties. With a comprehensive policy in place, you can restrict the sale of your products at only authorized retailers, prevent brand erosion, reduce the possibility of price wars and other possibilities.

So, how can your product enjoy all these benefits of MAP pricing? By use of a reputable map monitoring software (see data map monitoring software).

MAP Monitoring

The process can be defined as the routine perusal and reviewing of your product’s prices on online retailers’ websites and other marketplaces. The goal of MAP monitoring is to ensure the compliance of retailers to the terms of the MAP policy.

The information derived from a MAP monitoring process is valuable to any business. Given that you are using a reputable resource, the monitoring tool should be able to reveal the price advertised by each retailer, the name and contact information of the retailer, and where the product is being sold at.

From contract and sale agreements, you can be able to identify if the retailers are part of the authorized team. In addition, you will make contact with any unauthorized or non-compliant online retailer and request for corrective action.

Your Ideal Monitoring Software

From the information availed above, you can agree that there are some benefits that can be attained from making use of MAP monitoring software. However, before investing in such software, there are certain minimum criteria that the software should meet.

A comprehensive analysis of the market

From our analysis, MAP monitoring tools tend to focus on the big marketplaces and online stores such as eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. However, violators should be picked out from any possible nook and cranny. A comprehensive Map monitoring software should be to offer you a complete solution. The entirety of the internet should be searched to give you a thorough list of the information you need.

Intelligent data

Your ideal map monitoring software should be able to provide intelligent and actionable data from its perusal of your retailer’s pages and marketplaces. The intelligence collected should be available time and time again.

MAP enforcement

What is the importance of providing this information on MAP violations without the proper solutions to protect your brand? The ideal monitoring software should be able to offer you a follow-up plan that you can use to protect the brand.

Some of the enforcement actions that should be considered by a MAP service provider include:

  • Sending violation notifications
  • Taking automatic screenshots of the violator
  • Save the trail of conversation with each violator.
  • Create a database that stores information on MAP violations

The best map monitoring software in the industry

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Our monitoring software is not just a simple tool. It is a large network that contains a web of integrated services. Our monitoring software offers mapping MAP violators, identifying sales opportunities, review tracking, and enforcement of your MAP policy (a guide to the best map software).

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