How to Choose the Right Amazon MAP Monitoring Software

  • Simple and Easy User Interface
  • Understanding KPIs
  • Preventing Price Cascading
How to Remove MAP Violators and map violations

If you are here, you must already know what Amazon MAP monitoring software is. For those who don't, Amazon MAP (abbreviated for Minimum Advertised Price, also see MAP enforcement Amazon) monitoring software is a useful tool for tracking the product price on Amazon. This helps you to know about any violations or fluctuations of the product price in the market. 

From usability to efficiency, there are numerous features to consider when choosing a reliable Amazon MAP monitoring software. Let's learn about these in detail:

#1 Simple and Easy User Interface

An Amazon MAP monitoring software should be easy to use and navigate. It should have systematic and clean dashboards with a detailed list of your brand's violation data. Most software embraces features rather than navigation. However, little do they know that both of these factors are equally important.  

With Brand Alignment MAP monitoring software, you get both. It ensures a seamless MAP monitoring/enforcement process along with relevant and supportive features. The software starts the monitoring process by onboarding the products in their database for about a week or two (depending on your brand).

Then, they monitor the data (24*7*365) to interpret the preliminary data. Through this information, they recognize any pricing violators and create a dashboard with all details. This dashboard is available 24*7 and ensures that you get consistent MAP monitoring updates.

#2 Practical and Useful KPIs

Key performance indicators or KPIs show your improvement as a seller. It depicts essential aspects like brand success, growth, sales, and customer targets. Thus, having MAP monitoring software that presents insightful KPIs is important for a progressive business. Make sure to avoid the software that provides unnecessary data to make things confusing. They should always present accurate and to-the-point data to prevent any unnecessary hassle.  

Brand Alignment MAP monitoring software is created with efficient features to ensure that you receive custom KPIs and advanced reporting. They eliminate the hassle of unnecessary guesswork and provide exact KPIs. Not only do they help you to make the right decisions, but also ensure that you are going on the right business path.


#3 Fast Crawling Data

A good MAP monitoring software should have an efficient price crawling data frequency. That's because the online marketplace changes at a faster pace. If you miss any occurrence in real-time, you lose. However, if you have software with fast data crawling features, you would get all updates about the industry situations. Furthermore, it will help you identify any MAP violations by authorized channels. 

Most MAP monitoring softwares offer standard price monitoring of 1-4 times per day which is fine but not adequate. You need to look for softwares with higher targets or hourly marketplace crawling. For example, the crawling frequency of Brand Alignment MAP monitoring software is around 8 to 24 times a day. This means you get new data every 1 to 3 hours!

#4 Frequent Monitoring to Prevent Price Cascading

Always go for a MAP monitoring software that prevents price cascading and offers fair decisions. As a seller, you may face a situation where two marketplaces could violate the MAP on your product. While confronting, the former may consider the latter as the culprit and vice versa. If things go this way, your brand may have to face integrity loss and vendor chargebacks. 

To prevent such situations, choose software that offers vigilant monitoring to recognize the main culprit. For example, brand Alignment MAP monitoring software takes time-stamped screenshots to track such situations. This provides evidence against the main violator that further helps the brand to debate the vendor chargebacks. 

It also comes with an hourly monitoring feature that recognizes the first movers. Once you identify the culprit, you can keep track of them. If they violate the MAP consistently, you can abandon the violator.

#5 MAP and UPP Email Alerts

With busy schedules and long to-do lists, you may not get the time to check the dashboard for MAP violations. For that, it's recommended to choose a MAP monitoring software that offers MAP (Minimum Advertised Prices) and UPP (Unilateral Pricing Policy) email alerts. It's a feature where the details of MAP and UPP are sent directly to the emails. This cuts down the hassle of consistent inquiries. 

Brand Alignment MAP monitoring software ensures that you get hourly, daily, and weekly UPP and MAP alerts. Additionally, it also notifies you about the price Cascading alerts. With consistent updates in your mailbox, you will never miss the incidents taking place in the marketplace.

#6 Free Demos

Free demos give a clear insight into the software features and imply their reliability. Thus, always choose a MAP monitoring software that offers free demos. For example, if you choose Brand Alignment MAP monitoring software, you will be scheduled for a free demo as per your situation. 

On a free call, first, they will ask you about the issues and understand your situation. Based on that, they will suggest a plan of action and then organize the free demo. This free consultation will help you know whether they are appropriate for your MAP requirements or not. Likewise, it will also help you to know whether the software offers the claimed services or not.     

#7 24*7 Assistance By Real-life People 

Most MAP monitoring software claims that they offer 24*7 assistance. However, only a few deliver the same. To ensure that the software offers 24*7 assistance:

  1. Look for how often they check the price per day and choose the ones that are frequent.
  2. Read through their features and watch out for any "real-time" monitoring mentions alone.
  3. Look for words like "daily", "24*7", or "24*7*365" assistance as these terms guarantee the same.

For example, if you go through the services of Brand Alignment MAP monitoring software, they have clearly mentioned their round-the-clock services. This shows their confidence, authenticity, and reliability in the software. Additionally, they are supported by real people for monitoring the product listings. All this ensures practical and genuine MAP monitoring outcomes.


If the Amazon MAP monitoring software has the above-mentioned features, it's worth buying. Additionally, choose a software that fits your budget and you are good to go! 

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Will Enforcement Solutions Work for My Brand?

In short, the answer is Yes. 

We have had our 80%-90%+ enforcement rates in every single industry we have worked in. That includes the following:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Apparel and Shoes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Mobile Phone Accessories
  • And More

As you are already aware, each industry has their own bells and whistles. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about enforcement in your industry.

Are There Any Risks Involved With Enforcement?

Brand Alignment gives the brand the option of using their own personal cease & desist letters or the option to customize Brand Alignment's proven high performance Cease & Desist letters. These letters were crafted by Intellectual Property lawyers with a full focus on minimizing liability.

Any infringement complaints filed by Brand Alignment are done with the utmost care and transparency. We do not file counterfeit complaints without test buys and approval from the brand. Our trademark complaints are done with caution and all bases covered.

Finally, in this world, anybody can sue anybody for anything. But it does not mean it will stand up in court. There is nothing we can do to prevent frivolous lawsuits from disgruntled sellers. However, we do everything we can to prepare you to have any case against you quickly dismissed. After two years in business, we are proud to say that neither us or any of our brands have had any legal issues of any kind related to our service.

Brand Alignment vs The Competition

If you are new to shopping for a brand protection provider, it might be confusing to tell the difference between companies. It might sound like everybody offers the same type of monitoring and enforcement. This could not be further from the truth.

Brand Alignment

  • Crawls marketplaces for dynamic pricing changes every 3 hours or 8x a day
  • Markets monitored for price cascading are crawled every hour or 24x a day
  • Sends a Cease & Desist letter to every unauthorized seller on Amazon
  • Since 100% of all unauthorized sellers are contacted, Brand Alignment averages an 80%-90%+ Removal Rate
  • Uses hundreds of proprietary investigative techniques to identify personal information of sellers and supply chain sources

The Competition

  • Crawls marketplaces for pricing only 1x-4x a day
  • Markets monitored for price cascading are crawled every 3 hours or 8x a day
  • Requires YOU to send a Cease & Desist letter only if YOU have the email of the unauthorized seller 
  • Since only a small percentage of unauthorized sellers are contacted, the competition averages a 10%-30% removal rate
  • Uses basic investigative techniques like Google searches or buying low quality lists in hopes of finding emails to send letters

How Much Money Are You Losing By NOT Switching to Brand Alignment?

  • What is your current Buy Box Loss percentage? How much unsold inventory do you or your authorized channels have due to Buy Box loss?
  • How much are you charged by Vendors for chargebacks related to price matching MAP violators?
  • What effect do unauthorized sellers have on your Brand Integrity when they violate MAP policy or sell refurbished, returned, or used items as New?
  • Are you dealing with unhappy authorized channels who have difficulty obtaining the Buy Box? Are you being turned down by potential authorized channels for not having better control of your MAP policy?
  • Did you know that data shows that less sales are made from 3rd party sellers having the Buy Box than from Amazon having the Buy Box?
  • What are your storage and warehousing costs from unsold inventory due to unauthorized sellers?

How Much Money In Sales Are You Losing Each Year Due to a Lack of Quality Brand Protection?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free Marketplace Evaluation

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our "Brand Alignment Enforcement Guarantee". If we don't reach the custom benchmarks that we agree upon during negotiation, we will give you the option to terminate the contract and you will not be charged any further.

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P.S.: Due to the constant changing nature of online marketplaces, our Enforcement Guarantee is a limited time offer.

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