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How to Remove MAP Violators and map violations

All online stores aim to offer customers the best service and create an experience that allows them to shop anytime and receive on-time deliveries. However, in distributing products from the manufacturers to the customers, these retailers may find themselves selling products below the minimum advertised price (MAP) by the manufacturers. Like most other online stores, Walmart also violates MAPs from most manufacturers, which may affect the product's profitability. If you may be wondering how you can shield yourself against such abuse, read on for more information. This article explains everything you need to know about the Walmart MAP violations and answers the frequently asked questions related to Walmart MAP violations.

What are MAP Violations

Every manufacturer sets a minimum advertised price, which refers to the lowest price a retailer should promote a product for sale. This price is stipulated in the MAP policy agreement between the retailers and manufacturers at the beginning of their contract. MAP violations occur when the retailers advertise products below the agreed minimum advertised price agreed upon in the MAP policy agreement with the specific manufacturers.

Walmart is an international retail corporation that operates both physical and online stores. Due to the current increase in the need for shopping online, Walmart has continuously gained recognition across the globe. This is a significant reason why most manufacturers decide to advertise and sell their products through Walmart. However, with all its glory, this company sometimes promotes products for sale below the agreed MAP, resulting in MAP violations.


When do most Walmart MAP violations happen?

When MAP policies are set to expire

When MAP policies expire, Walmart MAP violations are more likely to happen. Since lower prices tend to attract more customers, Walmart rushes to reduce prices when possible to attract more visitors who eventually become buyers. Retailers take advantage of expiring MAP policies and may also practice more MAP violations if there is little risk of stern punishment for these violations.


If a product lacks competition, Walmart MAP violations are likely to happen.

If a product lacks most competition in the market, changes in its prices are not likely to affect its demand. In such a case, Walmart may increase its sales by violating the MAP of that product since demand is not expected to change after a price change. This may affect the profitability of this product if Walmart reduces its price or may scare away potential buyers if the price is fixed so high.


If a product has a strong customer loyalty

Strong customer loyalty refers to the buyers' commitment to purchasing a particular brand regardless of price fluctuations. Such products become significant targets of Walmart MAP violations since a price change is unlikely to affect the demand for these products.


When there is little incentive to adhere to MAP

Whenever there is little incentive to adhere to MAP, the retailer may find no need to follow these MAP policies. Additionally, if MAP violation penalties are weak, the retailer will most likely violate the minimum advertised price for their benefits.


If the MAP policies are unreasonable

Sometimes the MAP policies may appear unreasonable for the retailer, forcing the company to violate the MAP. For instance, the minimum advertised price may be high, which may create an overpriced picture in the customers' mind resulting in little or no sales. Retailers like Walmart may violate the MAP policy to ensure they defend their stores from the overpricing mentality such products may create in customers. It is also more likely for strict MAP policies to force a retailer to violate MAP than flexible policies.


Effects of Walmart MAP Violations

Although MAP violations may lead to increased sales for the retailer, they carry more negative effects for the product and its manufacturer. Here are the most typical adverse effects of Walmart MAP violations on a particular brand:


Loss of brand reputation

Contrary to what most people may think, reducing the price of a product does not necessarily attract customers. In some instances, low prices may push away customers. Customers may connect price reduction to quality interference, resulting in the loss of brand reputation. Retailers risk losing their suppliers' brand reputation when practicing MAP violations.


MAP violations result in damaged business relations

Both the manufacturer and the retailer need each other for their business success. The retailer depends on the manufacturer for commodities, while the manufacturer depends on the retailer for display, advertisement, and product sales. MAP violations damage this perfect business interrelationship resulting in a lack of trust and broken business relations where both the manufacturer and the retailer lose.


Brands lose revenue

Walmart MAP violations also result in loss of revenue. Advertising and selling a product below its set minimum advertised price results in a loss of revenue as the manufacturer may end up making losses instead of profits on that particular product. Brand reputation damages and diverted customers resulting from Walmart MAP violations may also result in a loss of revenue for the brand.


May result in price erosion

Price erosion happens when the value of your products steadily decreases as time goes on. With continuous MAP violations on your brand, the customers may get used to that low price and expect it to remain there or even go lower in the future. However, upon fixing this violation, customers might avoid the product due to the increased price, although the product sells at its regular price. This shows that MAP violations are likely to cause irreversible damage to the brand.

Tips on Tackling Walmart MAP Violations

We can all agree that MAP violations are severe offenses that might permanently paralyze a brand's reputation. However, all is not lost. Manufacturers still have ways they can cripple MAP violations. Below are the typical steps a manufacturer may take to tackle Walmart MAP violations.


Practice Active communication with Walmart

Keeping in touch with your distributors is crucial across all levels. It helps solve problems in a better way. Occasionally, Walmart MAP violations may occur due to misunderstandings or simple mistakes. Before investing so much into fighting Walmart for MAP violations, consider actively communicating with this company. You may send Walmart a notice or email on MAP violations and request compliance as a manufacturer. Since the retailer needs you the same way you need them, actively communicating with them may spark compliance.


Adopt an Automated Monitoring Software

Sometimes the issue of MAP violations may require you to dedicate your money to monitoring your retailers. Monitoring your retailers allows you to find out the price your retailer advertises, the retailer's selling platform, and other details such as the name and contact information of the retailer. A perfect way to achieve this is by acquiring good monitoring software. At Brand Alignment, we strive to offer you the best software to help you monitor MAP violations. Before settling for monitoring software, ensure it has the following features:

I. Should offer a comprehensive analysis of the market

Unlike the belief that only large stores practice MAP violations, smaller and less recognized stores may also practice MAP violations. A good monitoring system should offer a comprehensive market analysis to fish out all MAP violators.

II. Should have intelligent data

Quality monitoring software should provide intelligent data after perusing the internet. It should also have a storage system for future reference.

III. Should offer MAP enforcement tips

There may be no need to monitor your retailer if there are no solutions to curb those MAP violations. A sound monitoring system should offer a follow-up plan that you may use to shield your brand from MAP violations. It may achieve this by sending violation notifications, screenshotting the violators and their contacts, or storing information that may be useful once you start your enforcement journey.

Do you know what the good news is? Such software is only a click away. At Brand Alignment, we offer you the best monitoring system in the market, which helps you monitor your retailers and integrate your MAP policies.

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Create reasonable MAP policies

With unreasonable MAP policies, Walmart will most likely violate your MAP. To avoid this, create reasonable MAP policies that leave a good impression on both Walmart and your customers. For instance, ensure your minimum advertised price is not too high since this may discourage customers from buying that product, forcing Walmart to sell below its MAP. You may also consider creating more flexible MAP policies. Flexibility leaves room for improvement and negotiations, which may go a long way in preventing Walmart MAP violations.

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Design realistic penalties for Walmart

Although it is challenging to design a penalty likely to scare Walmart and other large online stores, it is possible to create penalties that will get this company's attention. Instead of threatening to withdraw your products from their stores, which may not seem realistic, consider penalties like canceling MAP holidays and getting more severe if the practice persists. You may also reach out to other manufacturers who may be suffering from the same and come up with harsh penalties. If most manufacturers become aggressive about these violations, the company will likely stop this behavior.


Do not let your MAP policies expire

Like most other retailers, Walmart takes advantage of your expiring MAP policies. To avoid this, ensure that you renew your policies before they expire to prevent giving Walmart the freedom to violate your minimum advertised price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Walmart MAP violations?

Walmart MAP violations occur when Walmart displays products for sale at a price lower than the agreed upon in the MAP policies shared by the manufacturer. This results in MAP violations and may raise a need for MAP reinforcement actions.


2. What should be done if retailers violate MAPs?

Dealing with significant retailers may seem like a complex but manageable task. Once you realize that any significant retailers are violating your MAP, strategize how you will get their attention to fix this. First, you may consider practicing active communication with your violators. This may help solve the problem in some instances, primarily if the violation resulted from a misunderstanding or mistake. The other step could be to offer harsh penalties for MAP violations. These severe penalties may discourage the companies from violating your MAP by instilling fear of losing.


3. What are the significant effects of Walmart MAP violations on my product?

MAP violations are a significant enemy to the success of your brand. This is because by displaying your products for meager prices, the retailer may cause a loss of brand reputation, price erosion, loss of revenue, and loss of customer loyalty. Meager prices may tamper with your brand's reputation as customers may interpret this price fall as a result of poor quality. This may result in customer loyalty loss, which automatically results in poor sales. Price erosion may also occur where customers expect the low price to remain forever and may interpret any slight increase as a price overcharge. Lastly, MAP violations lead to a loss of revenue for the manufacturer.

Have you been wondering how you can track down and deal with MAP violations? One effective way of achieving this is by using an automated monitoring system. To get the best results, ensure you settle for the best monitoring system in town. Brand Alignment is the leading company in offering automated systems for monitoring MAP violations. Visit brandalignment.com for more information and solve the MAP violations issues for good.

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Brand Alignment gives the brand the option of using their own personal cease & desist letters or the option to customize Brand Alignment's proven high performance Cease & Desist letters. These letters were crafted by Intellectual Property lawyers with a full focus on minimizing liability.

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The Competition

  • Crawls marketplaces for pricing only 1x-4x a day
  • Markets monitored for price cascading are crawled every 3 hours or 8x a day
  • Requires YOU to send a Cease & Desist letter only if YOU have the email of the unauthorized seller 
  • Since only a small percentage of unauthorized sellers are contacted, the competition averages a 10%-30% removal rate
  • Uses basic investigative techniques like Google searches or buying low quality lists in hopes of finding emails to send letters

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