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How to Remove MAP Violators and map violations

Being one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world, Amazon is preferred by every retailer. Not only does it ensure higher sales, but also low marketing expenses and good business growth. With lots of sellers, the competition is huge. So, how do you become a successful Amazon seller, especially as a beginner? 

In short words, you can be successful in the Amazon marketplace if you’re established as a reliable seller. You need a transparent pricing policy, brand protection and genuine products to sell to your prospects. This is what Brand Alignment MAP monitoring software can help with. Using this tool, you can get a complete picture of your brand’s performance all in one place.

In this guide, we're going to walk you through a step-by-step process to become a successful Amazon seller. You'll learn everything from choosing your niche to ensuring a positive customer experience and everything in between. 

#1 - Look for Good Shippers/Suppliers

You can become an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) seller where Amazon will be responsible for handling the product shipment and deliveries. But, you would need someone to ship the products to the FBA warehouse. For that, make sure to contact well-known suppliers and let them know about your requirements. 

Decide on a budget for your supplier to cut down on unnecessary expenses. It's best to browse through different suppliers before choosing the ultimate one. Request for multiple quotes and compare them with each other. Finally, go ahead with the one that fits your budget. 

Seller investigation services provided by Brand Alignment help you identify unauthorized sellers. It uses Open-Source Intelligence techniques to help find unauthorized sellers and their product sources 95%+ success rate.

So, it becomes easy to make sure you’ve only reliable and authorized sellers who follow your MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy.

#2 - Improve Your Customer Metrics

Amazon does not favor bad sellers, and neither do customers. So, it's important to match up with the customer metrics provided by the platform. Amazon customer metrics indicate your performance as a seller. Simply put, it emphasizes whether you are meeting the customer's expectations and demands or not. Usually, the platform has the following key metrics:

Order Defect Rate: Order defect rate means a total number of defect orders to the total number of orders. An ODR rate of more than 1% is considered a failure. To improve your ODR, ensure that there are limited bad product reviews, credit card chargebacks, and A to Z claims. 

Late Dispatch Rate: As the name signifies itself, any late dispatch (shipment confirmation less than three days) is included in the LDR metric. You should have an LDR of less than 4%.

Policy Violations: If your product violates the policies governed by Amazon, it will be included in this metric. Keep track of the "Performance Notifications" to rule out any related alerts. For example, working with unauthorized sellers who violate your pricing policy can affect your customers’ perception towards you. As mentioned above, Brand Alignment MAP monitoring software provides insights using which you can prevent your products from being sold by unauthorized sellers. 

Contact Response Time: CRT stands for the time you take to respond to a user. This should be less than a day (24 hours) for every inquiry.

Cancellation Rate: Any product that's canceled by the seller (due to lack of stock availability or other reasons) is counted under the cancellation rate. Aim for a cancellation rate of less than 2.5%. 

#3 - Optimize Products Through Efficient Marketing Skills

Besides following the rules and knowing the basics, you should market the products efficiently as a seller. Start by optimizing your product lists, as that's the main source for better conversion rates. Ensure that the content is top-notch from top to bottom. This includes the titles, descriptions, specifications (in bullets), and images. All the relevant sections should have accurate keywords. 

Next, work on the product images. Unlike conventional retail stores, eCommerce is about shopping through eyes. Buyers rely on the product images to judge whether it's worth purchasing or not. So, ensure that the images are entirely authentic. Take help from professional photographers for high-quality pictures. 

Once you are done with the basic steps, advance your marketing strategy through cutting-edge advertising tactics. Try to include Amazon coupons, sponsored products, and brands for better growth.

#4 Keep Your Prices Competitive 

As you are contending in a competitive industry, it's important to keep the product prices fair. So make sure to assign a reasonable product cost price but do not violate the minimum cost. That's an unethical practice. 

MAP policies are agreements between sellers and manufacturers where they decide on a minimum cost price for a product. If any seller breaches the minimum cost and lists their products at a discounted rate, they will be put on a strike. This may include the inability of buyers to purchase the product or being listed on a no-sell list. 

You can use MAP monitoring enforcement software to ensure you are on the right path with product pricing. It's a tool that helps the sellers to monitor any product cost fluctuations in the market. Besides maintaining competition and brand image, it also depicts your success and reliability as a seller. 

Make sure to get reliable MAP monitoring software. Brand Alignment Amazon MAP monitoring software for the best results. From realistic monitoring to alerts, the tool ensures you get updates regarding all the brand's violation data. The easy navigation, feasibility, and cost-efficiency make it a must-use software for sellers!

#5 Make Your Personal Amazon Brand Store

Instead of being the same as others, try to be unique and get a personal brand store for your products. For that, you can choose an Amazon store. It's a multi-page shopping destination where you can make an exclusive store for your brand. That page will feature only your products and prevent any competitor interruption. 

Not only does it help you to feature multiple products on one page, but it also adds value to services. It also ensures a seamless shopping experience along with higher rankings and organic traffic. If you are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, there will be no additional charges to get the Amazon store. You will also have a personal Amazon URL justifying your authenticity.

Follow the tactics mentioned above, and you will be a successful Amazon seller in a blink!

Don't Have the Time to Do It Yourself?

Let us Take Care of Your Monitoring & Enforcement

The first step in removing unauthorized sellers is spotting them on your listings and that is exactly what the Brand Alignment Monitoring Dashboard will do for you. With price updates every 3 hours and inventory totals for every seller on every listing, you will get the most complete picture possible of your brand on every major online marketplace.

Of course, the most important step in removing unauthorized sellers is prevention and enforcement. This is where Brand Alignment is leagues above the competition when it comes to map policy enforcement software.

  1. 1
    Clear over 80% of unauthorized sellers: Brand Alignment will make a custom strategy for your brand reputation to ensure the highest rates of removal
  2. 2
    Control Your Authorized Channels: Daily emails informing you of authorized channel violations and price cascading events
  3. 3
    Risk-Free Guarantee: Brand Alignment is so confident in their removal rates, that we will create a custom guarantee for every brand. We will remove x% of sellers or you have the option to terminate the contract early
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Will Enforcement Solutions Work for My Brand?

In short, the answer is Yes. 

We have had our 80%-90%+ enforcement rates in every single industry we have worked in. That includes the following:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Apparel and Shoes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health & Beauty
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Mobile Phone Accessories
  • And More

As you are already aware, each industry has their own bells and whistles. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about enforcement in your industry.

Are There Any Risks Involved With Enforcement?

Brand Alignment gives the brand the option of using their own personal cease & desist letters or the option to customize Brand Alignment's proven high performance Cease & Desist letters. These letters were crafted by Intellectual Property lawyers with a full focus on minimizing liability.

Any infringement complaints filed by Brand Alignment are done with the utmost care and transparency. We do not file counterfeit complaints without test buys and approval from the brand. Our trademark complaints are done with caution and all bases covered.

Finally, in this world, anybody can sue anybody for anything. But it does not mean it will stand up in court. There is nothing we can do to prevent frivolous lawsuits from disgruntled sellers. However, we do everything we can to prepare you to have any case against you quickly dismissed. After two years in business, we are proud to say that neither us or any of our brands have had any legal issues of any kind related to our service.

Brand Alignment vs The Competition

If you are new to shopping for a brand protection provider, it might be confusing to tell the difference between companies. It might sound like everybody offers the same type of monitoring and enforcement. This could not be further from the truth.

Brand Alignment

  • Crawls marketplaces for dynamic pricing changes every 3 hours or 8x a day
  • Markets monitored for price cascading are crawled every hour or 24x a day
  • Sends a Cease & Desist letter to every unauthorized seller on Amazon
  • Since 100% of all unauthorized sellers are contacted, Brand Alignment averages an 80%-90%+ Removal Rate
  • Uses hundreds of proprietary investigative techniques to identify personal information of sellers and supply chain sources

The Competition

  • Crawls marketplaces for pricing only 1x-4x a day
  • Markets monitored for price cascading are crawled every 3 hours or 8x a day
  • Requires YOU to send a Cease & Desist letter only if YOU have the email of the unauthorized seller 
  • Since only a small percentage of unauthorized sellers are contacted, the competition averages a 10%-30% removal rate
  • Uses basic investigative techniques like Google searches or buying low quality lists in hopes of finding emails to send letters

How Much Money Are You Losing By NOT Switching to Brand Alignment?

  • What is your current Buy Box Loss percentage? How much unsold inventory do you or your authorized channels have due to Buy Box loss?
  • How much are you charged by Vendors for chargebacks related to price matching MAP violators?
  • What effect do unauthorized sellers have on your Brand Integrity when they violate MAP policy or sell refurbished, returned, or used items as New?
  • Are you dealing with unhappy authorized channels who have difficulty obtaining the Buy Box? Are you being turned down by potential authorized channels for not having better control of your MAP policy?
  • Did you know that data shows that less sales are made from 3rd party sellers having the Buy Box than from Amazon having the Buy Box?
  • What are your storage and warehousing costs from unsold inventory due to unauthorized sellers?

How Much Money In Sales Are You Losing Each Year Due to a Lack of Quality Brand Protection?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free Marketplace Evaluation

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our "Brand Alignment Enforcement Guarantee". If we don't reach the custom benchmarks that we agree upon during negotiation, we will give you the option to terminate the contract and you will not be charged any further.

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P.S.: Due to the constant changing nature of online marketplaces, our Enforcement Guarantee is a limited time offer.

Please contact us now to ensure you are locked in with your guarantee.

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